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A hidden gem of Sintra

Unique local flavors paired with a selection of Portuguese Wines that will surely surprise you.

A surprisingly elegant experience grounded in local culture

Our mission is to showcase the very best of Sintra's local produce through elevated Portuguese gastronomy, while providing exceptional service that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Our customers are often amazed by the preparation of our dishes, which showcase a repertoire of typically Portuguese raw materials, prepared with our signature flair.

Our commitment to elevating the traditional flavors of Portugal is reflected in every dish, and we are pleased to offer both vegan and meat-eaters delighting options on our menu.

Come and join us at Sabores do Mercado and immerse yourself in a world of exceptional cuisine and outstanding service.


The plates that bring people back


Slow-roasted Black Pork Cheeks

In a beautiful process of slow-roasting, marinating and glazing our Black Pork Cheeks are ready to be served 72 hours later. Served with a rustic sauce that carries more than 40 ingredients, Mashed Potatoes with Sweet Corn from local producers and Annatto Oil for an exotic touch.
The result is a meat, that melts in your mouth and it burst a combination of flavors from a bounty of Sintra's land.


Octopus Confit

Our Octopus confit brings the roots of Portuguese cuisine in a modern approach, mixing the sea salt with earths sweet of the mashed orange potatoes, accompanied by a secret Pesto Sauce.
Resulting in texture, softness and crunchiness, all in the same bite.


Serra da Estrela Cheese Pudim

With clients travelling cross country to have a taste of this delight, theres not much to say about it, but that there will be not many left.
Our signature desert is an old homemade creation from portuguese grandmothers passed on generations. And perfected by our meticulous chef.

Organic & Local

Sintra's Curated Products

The base of our cuisine

The quality of agricultural products in Sintra is generally high due to the region's favorable climate, fertile soil, and the use of sustainable and traditional farming practices.

The area has a long history of agriculture, and farmers in Sintra take pride in their crops and work hard to maintain their quality. Additionally, many of the agricultural products in Sintra are grown using organic farming methods, which further enhances their quality and appeal to consumers.


The region's mild and humid climate, coupled with its fertile soil, makes it an ideal location for growing mushrooms. Additionally, there is a growing interest in locally grown and organic produce, including mushrooms, in the area.

The most common mushrooms grown in Sintra are shiitake and oyster mushrooms. These varieties are popular for their flavor and nutritional value, and they are relatively easy to grow in the region's favorable conditions. Mushroom production is not as widespread in Sintra as some of the other agricultural products, but it is growing in popularity as more consumers seek out locally grown and organic produce.

Mafra Bread

This is one of the most common Portuguese loaves of bread, descendant of country bread, tradicionally from Sintra and dating back to the nineteenth century.

The crunchy, but not too thick, crust, and the fluffy and white interior, made this bread one of the most popular and versatile of the whole country. On its manufacture is used a lot of water, wheat and a little rye.

Curated Cheese

There are several artisanal cheesemakers in Sintra who produce curated cheeses using innovative techniques and unique ingredients. These curated cheeses often feature a blend of different milk types, such as cow, sheep, and goat, and may be flavored with herbs, spices, or even wine.

Overall, the cheese from Sintra is highly regarded for its quality and variety, and it is a popular food item among locals and visitors alike. Many of the cheeses are protected by the European Union's designation of origin regulations, which ensure that they are produced using traditional methods and meet strict quality standards.

Sintra's Wines

Sintra is not a major wine-producing region in Portugal, but it does have a few vineyards that produce high-quality wines. The most common grape varieties grown in the region include Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, and Arinto.

One of the most famous wines from the region is the Colares wine, which is produced using a unique method that involves planting the vines in sandy soil near the Atlantic coast. The vines are grown low to the ground to protect them from the strong winds, and the resulting wine has a distinct minerality and acidity that is highly sought after by wine enthusiasts. The Colares wine is considered to be one of the most unique and high-quality wines from the region, and it is highly regarded by wine experts.


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What they're saying about us

Best restaurant in Portugal. The owner, Alex, is friendly, knowledgeable, and made the entire meal even better (the food by itself is worth coming for). Everything is fresh and locally sourced, and it was the best meal I’ve had in a while.

Emma B

Public Review on Google

An amazing take on Portuguese cuisine that was exceptional. This restaurant deserves a Michelin star, but that would ruin its Portuguese charm. Nestled in The local part of Sintra, this restaurant delivers an amazing menu of food, wine and desert that will rival anyplace on the Iberian peninsula, all at a reasonable price.

Tim McNeal

Public Review on Google

The only reason why I do not want to write this review is that I want to be able to come back and have the same amazing experience. Too many people will want to go there and then I will never be able to get a reservation! But Alex (the owner) and his staff were so incredibly friendly, helpful, customer focused, etc. you name it. They brought it and it was truly appreciated. Went to dinner with my two children (9 and 12). They are not the pickiest eaters but they know good food as they have lived in NYC all their lives. They have declared it their best meals ever. My son had the pork cheeks and my daughter had the octopus. They loved both. My wife had the surf and turf and I had the aged steak. The appetizers were so delicious we were disappointed when there wasn't anything left to eat. Every bite was perfect. They paired the wines for my wife and I for each part of the meal and they did it well. It was an overall experience and one that we will always remember. It was one of the many Portuguese experiences that made the trip so unforgettable.

Jacob Michelman

Public Review on Google

An absolute delight! Such a wonderful experience eating here and tasting a modern take on Portuguese food. Alex and his staff perform at an exceptional level. The meals were cooked/explained/ paired with wine to perfection. The meals are sourced locally and each bite tells that story. My only regret is not being able to shake the chefs hand.

Christopher Randel

Public Review on Google

Don't think twice. You need to go to this restaurant. You can grab a quick bite for a fair price or stay for a long fancy dinner with wine pairing. The menu has something for everyone (meat, fish, vegan). The host is super friendly and knowledgable about (local) food and wines. This restaurant has some unique food and drinks, most are local Portugese wines and foods. Very authentic and nice atmosphere. Quality vs. Price is very good! Cannot recommend enough.

Joost Kaijen

Public Review on Google